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What the hell should I do for workouts?

No matter what your goals are:

  • Losing weight

  • Gaining muscle

  • Mobility, Flexibility

  • Athletic body

I offer

  • Online Training for every fitness level

  • Functional Interval Training

  • Mobility and Flexibility improvement

  • No Equipment necessary

  • HIIT

  • Bootcamp

  • Workout with Friends

Why is my training so effective? 

Functional training increases mobility of your joints, strength in your muscles and endurance of your cardiovascular system. It also increases your metabolism and stimulates fat loss.

Interval training is a very effective and time-efficient method for every fitness level to kick-start your metabolism and to have fun!

Another advantage of my training is the diversity and adaptability to stay motivated with no equipment, no training shoes, no time-consuming traveling, no pressure from others! Just you and me!

I have over 10 years of experience in training people with different goals and I have tested a lot of programs, fitness regimes and ridiculous gadgets. I’m a 90’s kid, so yes, I was sitting on the couch, watching TV with butterfly stickers all over my belly, hoping that the little electric shocks will melt down the fat and let my sexy six pack show…You might be surprised, but it did NOT work... 😉

My Concept

My concept is based on many years of practical experience and up-to-date expertise about the human body:

  1. Developing a clear vision of your goals

  2. Analysis of your mobility and flexibility

  3. ​Creating a program building

    • Mobility, flexibility, stability - build your house on solid ground!

    • Strength, power, specific goals (hypotrophy, etc.)

  4. Progressing step by step

  5. Follow up and adjust

Form is key!

That is the reason why I do not believe in following a fitness video at home. 99% of all people do not have a great form. This will lead to injury, bad posture, and less benefits for the muscles you want to train. I want to watch you like a hawk and make sure you get the most out of the time you are spending with me.

No limits!

I will create a workout for you that is realistic, enjoyable and flexible. So even if the circumstances change, like a holiday, less time for workouts or you have just less energy on one day, this will not stop you.

You will see how much fun it is! Crossing your own limits, being proud of yourself and watching your body change… I love to see people being surprised by themselves!

I offer Personal Training 1:1, Partnertraining for friends 1:2 and Small Group Training with up to 6 people (online up to 4 people).

So are you ready to get in shape, step up the game and feel awesome? Contact me!


Buuuut, don’t forget:

~ you gotta GIVE some to GET some~


GOAL:  Gain weight, get more  flexible, improve posture

Now: I've gained 6 kg in 8 months, I'm way more flexible and I look taller due to a better posture - and fit ;) 

Training:  It's fun, effective and as hard as you want... Form and focus are important to her and it works!

Trainer: She has a lot of experience and knowledge!

Recommendation: Absolutely ! Svenja  is very involved in her job, she is adjusting the trainings towards your goals and evolution. She can also adapt the trainings to every circumstances. The effects of training with Svenja are amazing!

Tips: Consistency is the key, you can really trust Svenja eyes closed! Thanks a lot!

Wonderwoman 64

GOAL:  Lose weight, get more  flexible, better body feeling

Now: I've lost 12 kg in 12 months, gained a lot of strength, flexibility and muscle and my backpain is completely gone (wasn't even a goal) 

Training:  I didn't need any equipment and every exercise was modified for my level. What was special: Not sure... The merciless hardness with which she whipped me through the exercises, or her motivating, cheerful manner.

Trainer: Very empathetic and likeable woman.  

Biggest Issues: To overcome my inner resistance

Recommendation: Absolutely, because Svenja has individually addressed my specific needs without judging.

Tips: Be honest and address difficulties, because she always finds a way to move forward.

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