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I am very happy that you have decided to get training and/or nutritional advice from me (The Trainer 😉)!

Please take some time to fill out the questionnaire (you need a scale and a tape measure). 

We will discuss all questions that you cannot answer 100% or you are not sure how they are meant in our first session. NO STRESS!!!

If you are only interested in nutritional advice OR personal training, just leave this section blank.

If you are not sure what your goal is or you do not know how exactly you want to achieve your goals, I ask you to answer ALL questions so that we can develop an individual strategic solution together.

I'm looking forward to your answers!

Let's Chat

You can call/text me via WhatsApp or send me an E-Mail!

WhatsApp: +49 171 99 56 870



As I offer my services all over the world, I adapt my prices to the different countries standards for LIVE Personal Training and small Group Training. At the moment I'm in Zanzibar - Tanzania! In case you are here, ask for my local prices!

Below you can find my current price list for online training in EUR and USD. Please ask me for a little sneak-peak session!


My very best regards

The Trainer

~ you gotta GIVE some to GET some~

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