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What the hell should I eat?

No matter what your goals are:

  • Weight Loss

  • Healthy Nutrition

  • More Energy

  • Gaining Muscle

I offer

Individual Nutritional Advice

Planning of Diet Change

Analysis of Eating Behaviour

Body Composition Analysis

Individual Goal Setting

Providing Expertise

Why is my nutritional advice so effective?

I focus on the basic principles of nutrition and biological processes in the body that seemed to be lost in all those "low fat", "no carbs" and "intermittent fasting" diets.

Everything you want to achieve with a change in your diet, weight/fat loss, muscle gain or more energy depends mainly (about 80%) on the amount of calorie intake, the composition of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) and water.

Sitting once a day in a crossed leg position on the floor, listening to meditation sounds, talking to a glass of water while chewing on a grass-fed organic carrot, that was harvested at a full moon… it does NOT do the trick!

My Concept

My concept is based on science and experience to enable long-term success and a strategy that fits your individual lifestyle and prevents the yo-yo effect:

  1. Developing a clear vision of your goals

  2. Analysis of body composition / eating behavior

    • BMI/Bodyfat

    • Calories, Macronutrients, Micronutrients

    • Timing (When do you eat)

    • Necessity of supplement

  3. Changing your eating behavior step by step

  4. Follow up and adjust

Consistency is key!

Of course you will learn a lot about food within our sessions, but also about yourself. Together we will develop a strategy for long-term success that fits to your individual lifestyle!

I will help you to self-reflect, to get a clear vision of your goals, to develop new habits and teach you everything you need to know about nutrition.

Once you have started changing little things you will see how easy it is! You will get super excited and surprised! The first time you compare your results will be mind-blowing and push you further on your way to success! And I will be with you every step of the way…

Don’t get me wrong! This will not be an endless consultancy. It is my goal to teach you basic scientific principles about food and nutrition so that you are able to make the right decisions on your own and judge for yourself whether the new diet trend actually makes sense for you. At one point I will kick you out of the nest and let you fly, with a toolbox full of knowledge to tackle the challenges of everyday (cheesy, I know 😉)

If this sounds like a great idea, go to my contact page, text or call me and fill out the questionnaire (I know it is looong, but necessary) and make an appointment.

BUUUUT don’t forget…

~ you gotta GIVE some to GET some~


GOAL:  Gain weight

Now: I've gained 6 kg in 8 months and stopped sugar, which was not even a goal  ;)

Nutrition:  The nutrition part also changed my life!

Nutritionist: She has a lot of experience and knowledge!

Recommendation: Absolutely ! Svenja  is very involved in her job, she is adjusting the trainings towards your goals and evolution. She can also adapt the trainings to every circumstances. The effects of training with Svenja are amazing!

Tips: Consistency is the key, you can really trust Svenja eyes closed! Thanks a lot!

Wonderwoman 64

GOAL:  Lose weight

Now: I've lost 12 kg in 12 months, changed my habits and have no binge-eating anymore

Nutrition:  Changing habits and including more and more healthy food

Nutritionist: No judgement and solutions for every situation and problem

Biggest Issues: To overcome my inner resistance

Recommendation: Absolutely, because Svenja has individually addressed my specific needs without judging.

Tips: Be honest and address difficulties, because she always finds a way to move forward.

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